New album: Greetings from Suckerville out 18.10.2019

Hell Yeah! Our new album Greetings from Suckerville out 18.10.2019 on Massacre Records on limited Vinyl and CD - preorder here: Amazon | EMP - and here’s the complete preorder linklist!

4 years have passed since Psychopunch released their latest studio album. About time to release a new one! On "Greetings From Suckerville", the band decided to go back in time, and go for a little bit more raw rock 'n' roll/punk rock 'n' roll kick-ass sound and the way they sounded "back in the daysShorter songs, more attitude, but still catchy sing-along tunes with a lot of love and party feeling. The guys weren't too damn serious or accurate in the studio - and neither should you. Let the music do the talking! Let it flow and be more rock 'n' roll! Jarmo wrote most of the songs on an acoustic guitar, trying to catch that feeling and sing-along songs you want to hear and sing to on a party/after party and, of course, live! The album title "Greetings From Suckerville" refers to one of the songs - "Goodbye Suckerville" - that was featured on the band's first album, "We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water In Satan's Drink". Psychopunch thought that they would and/or could leave Suckerville - but they are stuck there... which is not a bad thing at all. With their original drummer (Johan) back in the band, it feels like the circle is almost complete! The Original Scandinavian Superdudes are back!

4 Jahre sind seit dem letzten Studioalbum von Psychopunch ins Land gegangen. Höchste Zeit also, nachzulegen! Auf "Greetings from Suckerville" hat die Band eine kleine Zeitreise unternommen und sich für einen roheren Rock 'N' Roll/Punk Rock 'N' Roll Sound, der sich gewaschen hat, entschlossen - ganz wie damals, in den "guten alten Zeiten"! Kürzere Songs, mehr Attitüde, aber immer noch eingängige Songs voller Leidenschaft und Party-Feeling, die zum mitgrölen einladen. Ganz so ernst hat sich die Band jedoch nicht genommen, auch nicht während der Aufnahmen - und daran solltet ihr euch ein Beispiel nehmen! Lasst die Musik einfach auf euch wirken, nehmt es, wie es kommt und seid ein bisschen mehr Rock 'N' Roll!

Greetings from Suckerville

Tracklist CD:
1. Shut Your Fucking Mouth
2. I'll Be Home Tonight
3. Darling, Take All of Me
4. Love
5. Scream Your Little Heart Out
6. Crash Landing
7. Liar
8. I Don't Need a Broken Heart
9. City's on Fire
10. Let's Do It Again
11. Tell Me Everything
12. Over You
13. Raise Your Glass
14. Still I Die

Tracklist Vinyl:


Side A
1. Shut Your Fucking Mouth
2. I'll Be Home Tonight
3. Darling, Take All Of Me
4. Love
5. Scream Your Little Heart Out
6. Crash Landing
7. Liar

Side B
1.  I Don't Need A Broken Heart
2.  City's On Fire
3.  Let's Do It Again
4. Still I Die
5. Tell Me Everything
6. Over You
7. Raise Your Glass



Studio time! Recording the new album!

We entered the studio to record the new album!



Nitrogods & Psychopunch Tour 2019

Nitrogods & Psychopunch Tour 2019

Die NITROGODS kommen mit Ihrem bisher stärksten Album „Rebel Dayz“ auf Tour! 14 Tracks mit der rohen Gewalt und Wucht ihrer Live Konzerte, voller Dreck und Rock´n Roll. Mit dabei sind die schwedischen Punk Pioniere von Psychopunch und die Schweizer Heavy Rocker Maxxwell.

Dazu Henny von den Nitrogods:
"Mit dem neuen Album sind wir so nah am Live Sound der Nitrogods wie noch nie. Wir sind begierig darauf, dies Monster auf die Menschheit los zu lassen und freuen uns auf die "Rebel dayz" Tour im Herbst mit unseren schwedischen Freunden Psychopunch und den grandiosen Schweizern Maxxwell."

Jarmo von Psychopunch ergänzt:
"Mit Massacre Records als neuem Label und einem neuen Studioalbum für den Herbst 2019 in der Hinterhand, können wir es kaum erwarten, mit unseren Freunden von den Nitrogods auf Tour zu gehen. Dieses Paket ROCKT ohne Ende ... verpasst nicht die Chance, an diesem fantastischen und wilden Rock´n´Roll-Abenteuer teilzunehmen! Wir sehen uns!



PSYCHOPUNCH - Stranded (Official Video Teaser)

"Stranded" is featured on PSYCHOPUNCH's album "We Are Just As Welcome As Satan's Drink (20th Anniversary Special Edition)" out on March 22, 2019 via Massacre Records. Beastwood Films presents PSYCHOPUNCH "STRANDED" starring Clare von Stitch & Leila Lipstique

Producer: Beastwood Films |
Co-Producer: The Pixeleye |
Director: La Baronessa Casasanta
Co-Director: Patrik Wallert
Camera & Post Production: Dirk Behlau
Special Thanks to Pete's Rod Shop Set Crew: Andy B., Conny & Baxter



PSYCHOPUNCH announce album re-release!

Psychopunch - WAJAWAHWISD Cover 3000x3000 NEU.jpg

PSYCHOPUNCH announce album re-release

Attention! The Original Scandinavian Superdudes PSYCHOPUNCH are going to re-release their debut album "We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water in Satan's Drink" on Massacre Records! It will hit the stores on March 22, 2019.

The original artwork was created by Challenge Custom Design Co. and Dirk Behlau / Pixeleye Industries updated the layout for the new reissue.

The re-release will be available as 2CD Digipak, ltd. vinyl LP, stream and download. The both track lists as well as the reissue's front cover are both available below.

The official video for the single "Stranded" is scheduled to be released in early February!


PSYCHOPUNCH kündigen Album Reissue an

Aufgepasst! Die Original Scandinavian Superdudes PSYCHOPUNCH werden ihr Debütalbum "We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water in Satan's Drink" am 22.03.2019 bei Massacre Records erneut veröffentlichen!

Das Originalartwork wurde von Challenge Custom Design Co. gestaltet. Für das Reissue hat Dirk Behlau / Pixeleye Industries das Layout etwas aufpoliert.

Das Reissue wird als 2CD Digipak, limitierte Vinyl LP, Stream & Download erhältlich sein. Die Tracklisten und das Frontcover sind weiter unten verfügbar.

Das offizielle Video zur Single "Stranded" wird Anfang Februar erscheinen!

CD Digipak

01. Down In Flames
02. Straightjacket Hell
03. Goin' Crazy
04. Good For Nothing At All
05. Stranded
06. Dear Life: Sweet Nothing
07. Goodbye Suckerville
08. W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D.
09. Cold Heart Disaster
10. Back For Good

Bonus CD

01. Worth The Pain (Remastered Demo)
02. Good For Nothing At All (Remastered Demo)
03. Dying On My Own (Remastered Demo)
04. I Can't Stand Lucy (Remastered Demo)
05. Pleasure Kill (Remastered Demo)
06. I'll Be A Fool If I Let You Walk Away (Remastered Demo)
07. Loser In The End (Remastered Demo)
08. Stranded (Re-recorded)
09. Dying On My Own (Re-recorded)
10. Make Up Your Mind (Re-recorded)
11. Back In The Days (Re-recorded)

Vinyl LP

Side A
01. Down In Flames
02. Straightjacket Hell
03. Goin' Crazy
04. Good For Nothing At All
05. Stranded 

Side B
01. Dear Life: Sweet Nothing
02. Goodbye Suckerville
03. W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D.
04. Cold Heart Disaster
05. Back For Good
06. Stranded (Re-recorded)
07. Make Up Your Mind (Re-recorded) 



PSYCHOPUNCH signed new deal with Massacre Records

New Psychopunch.jpg

What do you write about a band that has successfully been in the business for over 20 years? Well you could start all over again and tell people that Psychopunch was founded in Västeras, Sweden in 1998. You could write about the original line-up, their numerous records (11 full-length albums plus numerous other recordings to be exact) and how they continuously re-invent themselves, blablabla.

But that's exactly the point! First of all you can find all this info on the fabulous internet! And to be honest, Psychopunch actually do not re-invent themselves with every album. Let's bring it down to what's really important - the feeling, the rhythm, the attitude, the persistence!

Psychopunch manages to be very reliable in terms of persistence. They've never changed their original style, they've kept producing great, rocking singalong tunes with catchy melodies and gritty guitars. All that without loosing sight of musical evolution and without being afraid of new and unusual influences, even though their list of musical heroes is already long. Their roots lie somewhere in the 1970s and reach out from old original punk rock bands over metal, glam and hard rock to recent music styles.

They somehow have the talent to mix all those inspirations without neglecting their long-bred style of melodic, yet rocking drinking songs.

This well-known and respected band has fans all over Scandinavia and Europe. They set small clubs on fire and enthuse whole festival crowds. How? Well as we said: They have the talent to permanently evolve while continuing to focus their energy on the essentials: traditional punk rock and a gift for writing anthems.

So if you're in for heartfelt, passionate and melodic Punkrock tunes and candid, no bullshit Rock'n'Roll with a singalong guarantee than this is your new favorite band!

After their last release ("Sweet Baby Octane", 2015) Jonas Karlberg (Noice) joined the band as lead guitar player. And since Jocke decided to leave the band earlier this year they have managed to get their very first drummer Johan back! With Walle still on bass and Jarmo's unique voice we'd like to proclaim: Hail to the mix of old dogs and fresh wind in Psychopunch!

A new record deal with Massacre Records have just been signed and the future never looked brighter for them. Let's bring the "Original Scandinavian Superdudes" back on the map!

We are Psychopunch:
Jarmo Mäkkeli
Patrik Wallert
Jonas Karlberg
Johan Karlsson

"You wont be seeing Psychopunch on MTV any time this century because they positively stink of delicious delinquency and full-blooded, unreconstructed,aural bleeding anarchy." (Kerrang)

"Pure punk rawk,plain and simple. It´s fast,energetic,raw and, oh yeah......
it´s fucking excellent." (Metal Hammer)

(white jazz records)
W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D. (1999)
Bursting Out Of Chucky's Town (2000)
Original Scandinavian Superdudes (2001)
The Pleasure Kill (2002)

(Silverdust records)
Smashed On Arrival (2004)
Kamikaze Love Reducer (2006)
W.A.J.A.W.A.H.W.I.S.D (Re-release 2007)
Moonlight City (2008)
Bursting out of Chucky´s town (Re-release 2008)
Original Scandinavian Superdudes (Re-release 2008)
The Pleasure Kill (Re-release 2008)
Death by misadventure (2009)
The last goodbye (2010)
Smakk Valley (2013)
Sweet Baby Octane (2015)




That's right... finally we got our own beer! How cool is that?! In cooperation with Coppersmith Brewery from our hometown Västerås, Sweden and our friend Dirk Behlau of Pixeleye Industries from Germany (who designed the beer) we will release the brandnew PSYCHOPUNCH craftbeer soon! Stay tuned!



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13. ROW - ROCK for One World Benefizfestival 2018

Thanks for having us! We had so much fun! iPhone shots by Dirk Behlau

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Psychopunch at With Full Force 2017

We had a blast at With Full Force! Thanks for having us!



Summer Breeze 2016

We are playing Summer Breeze Festival in Germany this weekend!

"Punkrock aus Schweden? Immer wieder gerne! PSYCHOPUNCH aus Västerås schauen beim SUMMER BREEZE auf ne knackige Show vorbei!
Mit ihrem neuen Album ‚Sweet Baby Octane’ im Gepäck werden sie ein weiteres Mal jede Menge schmissige Melodien aus den Ärmeln schütteln, welche von nach vorne peitschenden Punkrock-Riffs und catchy Mitsingrefrains unterstützt werden. Die Jungs um Sänger, Gitarrist und Bandoberhaupt Jarmo bringen nicht nur den Punkrock-typischen Straßenköter-Charme mit, sie SIND Punkrock mit Leib und Seele! Und dabei so nett und zuvorkommend, wie kaum eine andere Band, die sich wie PSYCHOPUNCH seit über 15 Jahren durchs Business beißt. Wenn ihr den Jungs nach der Show auf dem Gelände begegnet, gebt ihnen ruhig ein Bier aus, denn sie haben es sich redlich verdient! Mit angeheiterten Schweden kann man nämlich viel Spaß haben, glaubt es uns..."



New Video "On A Night Like This (Hell Yeah)

One of Sweden finest Rock n Roll exports - PSYCHOPUNCH - have just finished their tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They rocked the stages alongside THE CARBURETORS, KITTY IN A CASKET and the V8 WANKERS. 

A small part of this tour was filmed by Dirk Behlau, who did the video you can see by clicking the link below. We hope you can get a little impression about the fun everybody had on the road.

Jarmo (Psychopunch) comments: "On a night like this (Hell yeah)" taken from our latest album "Sweet Baby Octane" was filmed by our friend, the amazing Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau, both in Cologne and Frankfurt on our latest tour (March 2016). Some live clips..some soundcheck clips and then some backstage stuff. The tour was as wild and crazy as it can be, so it feels great that some memories have been captured on film. For those of you who were know what we are talking about, and for all the others...well... this one is for you all! Enjoy!"